Photo of Omar T. Pasha by Ted Thornton.
Photo Credit: Ted Thornton

"Hi. I'm Omar, a Product Designer and Visual Artist based in Los Angeles, California."

As a Product Designer, I've worked on various agile projects for companies ranging from start-ups to global corporations. I enjoy the iterative process and working with project teams that use proven frameworks, human-centered design principles, and methodologies to create the best digital product solutions possible.

As a Visual Artist, I've exhibited my artwork over the past 10+ years in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Washington, D.C. Also, I have designed or illustrated several creative projects over the years.

About Me


In my spare time, I like to paint, learn to play acoustic guitar, travel, be in nature, write poetry, read, and learn about Intelligent Technology, among other things. I earned my first freelance gig at 14, designing a brand logo for a professional catering company in Philadelphia. That's when I knew I wanted a career as a Designer.


Naturally self-motivated and organized, my ultimate goal is to help create digital products that serve what's best for humanity. I believe in human growth. As a strategic and empathic leader, I can see the potential in others, nurture their creativity, and champion their abilities to organize change. As a team member, I'm quick to spot inefficiency and appreciate engaging with others to conceptualize and create new solutions. I do well in developing reasonable and pragmatic plans to accomplish a successful product vision.


A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and former expatriate in The Netherlands for nine years, I have over 9 years of experience in Interaction Design, and more than 20 years of overall experience in the Digital Creative Industry. Possessing a strong sense of personal integrity and drive, I have a wide range of life experiences that contribute to my passion and longevity in my career.


UX Case Studies

MOST RECENT (2020 - 2022)
A user interface design of a U.S. Rig Count KPI dashboard.

SB International: Watchtower

Using Predictive AI to Mitigate Business Objectives in the U.S. Oil + Gas Industry

A user interface design of a corporate supply chain KPI dashboard.

Sumitomo Corporation: Spyglass

Using Speculative Design to Solve Cross-Cultural Business Challenges

An image of a whiteboard with a drawn diagram of a theoretical AI model.

American Automobile Association (AAA)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Audit + Theoretical AutoML Strategy

Note: The UX case studies below range from 2016 through 2019. Due to non-disclosure agreements, and for the sake of U.S. national security respectively, more recent UX and AI/ML case studies cannot be showcased. These case studies include Amazon Canvas, SBI Steel, Sumitomo Corporation, and the U.S. Department of Defense's Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS).
ARCHIVED (2016-2019)
A digital signage design for a movie theatre..

Pacific Theaters

Digital Signage Powered by SAP

A series of pattern library UI designs.


Pattern Library Design Exploration

Five different mobile app designs on mobile phones..

Arclight Cinemas

SAP Mobile App for Cinema Ushers

An image of two desktop computers with two different UI designs..

The Decurion Corporation

Film Contract Management Tool

A man pressing a button a kiosk tablet.

National Institutes of Health

All of Us Medical Research Mobile Exhibit

Two UI designs of a concept website.

Arclight Cinemas

ECommerce Solution Proof of Concept


Personal Skills + Traits

Humanness + Agency

- Empathic User Advocate
- Ability to Assess + Evolve
- Sense Making / Pragmatism
- Social Intelligence
- Novel + Adaptive Thinking
- Learning / Unlearning
- Creativity + Self-Awareness
- Generous Collaborator
- Force Multiplier

Navigating the New World

- Transdisciplinary Ability
- New Media Literacy
- Cross Cultural Competence
- Virtual Collaboration
- Adaptable to Hybrid Roles
- Business Savvy / Entrepreneurial
- Cultural Knowledge
- Self-Motivated
- Purpose Driven

Interest in Working with AI

- Computational Thinking
- Cognitive Load Managing
- Autodidactic
- Lifelong Scalable Learner
- Adaptable to Augmented Era

UX Skills + Talents

UX Research

- Data + Competitive Analysis
- Content Inventory / Requirements
- Personas
- Sitemaps
- Information Architecture
- User Flows / Task Flows
- Wireframes
- User Testing
- Presentation

UX / UI Design

- Briefing + Presentation
- Design Systems
- Pattern Libraries
- Style Guides
- Native Apps
- Web Applications
- Prototypes
- Basic Animation
- Asset Management


- Digital Design
- Print Design
- Illustration
- Brand / Logo Design
- Information Design
- Typography
- Photography
- Painting

AI/ML Awareness

ERP Software

- Anomaly Detection 
- Data Visualization + Correlation
- Time-Series Data Models (AutoML)
- Recurrent Auto Encoder Networks 
- Natural Language Processing (NLP)
- Image Recognition
- GIS Systems + Heat Mapping

Data Initiatives

- Data Infrastructure
- Data Warehousing
- ETL Pipelines
- Experimental Modeling
- Feature Exploration
- Neural Networks
- Predictive Analytics

AI Advocacy

- Data Transparency
- Decentralization
- Ethics
- Inclusion
- User Accessibility
- Accountability
- Utlilitarianism

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