The Decurion Corporation

Movie Contract Accounting Desktop App

An SAP-based MVP data management tool that manages and monitors financial movie contracts with major motion picture studios.

The Problem
The record-keeping process for movie contracts was extremely antiquated. Microsoft Excel, and even hand-written notes created by cinema staff, we often used. The approach to editing movie contracts terms, balancing financials, and monitoring contracts were not efficient.
The Team + My Role
I was tasked with designing the user interface based on requirements from the stakeholders. I worked remotely and onsite with stakeholders from Decurion, including the VP of Systems Strategy, the VP of Information Technology, the Product Manager, the UX Lead and Developers based in India, to understand the requirements of the user and the challenges of implementing SAP S/4HANA software.
The Scope + Restraints
During the two-week sprint, it was an interesting challenge to learn about the intricacies of the movie contract "renting" process. Before this project, I knew nothing about what goes on behind the scenes of the movie cinema business. This was a crash course. I also inherited portions of a preexisting design, like the sidebar, which was also already in Kanban development and could not be redesigned due to time constraints.
The Process
Working very closely with the VP of Systems Strategy during the iterative process to audit the product requirements, and ensure that the film contracting process was completely heuristic, I designed several variations of the UI that aligned all aspects of the movie contract process, allowing users to easily create, edit, share and monitor those financial records.
The Solution
Filtering and Sorting
Users of the app can customize the way they view relevant information based on various sorting and filter options. Sorting movies by whether they are playing in cinemas or not, for example, allows users to view the status of movie contracts, forecast contract terms, and adjust contract terms based on ticket sales.
A cinema cannot play a movie in its theaters if a movie contract hasn't been created. The screen (above) shows and example for when this occurs.
The screen (above) displays the movie contract terms over the first four weeks of a movie actively playing in theaters, and allows the user to edit and/or settle the contract with the respective major motion picture studio.


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