Arclight Cinemas:

Site Redesign Proof of Concept


Optimizing the online customer journey for a highly commoditized product.

The Problem
The Arclight Theaters website was a very outdated, non-responsive, and off-brand experience. An entirely separate website was used for the mobile web. A third party online ticket purchasing company was used to purchase movie tickets on all platforms since the company's website had a very unreliable and confusing customer experience of its own.
The Team + My Role
The goal was to propose an overall e-commerce redesign that would be more appealing to visitors to the site, and include a heuristic user-centered design approach for the online ticket buying process based on user requirements from c-suite stakeholders.
Scope + Contraints
For some reason, the most influential stakeholder was only interested in seeing iterations for the desktop website. Doing my best to assert the importance of responsive design, I was directed to focus solely on one large breakpoint. This may have been because the project was a proof of concept. It was unclear in the scope.
Using the existing content, I created a sitemap to audit what content should more more visible and what content was redundant.
User Flows and Competitive Analysis
I proactively suggested a competitive analysis of Arclight's online ticket buying process and their top two competitors by creating user flows, respectively, to present to the stakeholders. I successfully communicated the idea that this would assist the entire team in getting a holistic view of what challenges we faced in developing a UX strategy for the end-user customer journey.
Proposed online ticket buying process User Flow for Arclight Cinemas based on the brick and mortar point-of-sale.
From left to right: First wireframe iterations for the (1) landing page, (2) movie synopsis and schedule, and (3) alternate landing page for promoting one film within the responsive framework.
Although the ask was for a desktop design, I stuck to a "mobile-first" approach when designing a user interface that was more visually engaging.
Landing Page
Ticket Selection
A redesigned user interface displays user information in a cleaner and more concise way, allowing for value propositions and other messaging to be dispayed in real time. The information on the right ("At a Glance") is a summation of the details in the ticket buying process, resolving one of the key problems of the customer journey in the previous website design.


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