Arclight Cinemas:


The cinema chain wanted a SAP-based data management tool that would create, edit, track and finalize financial movie contracts held with movie studios that produce the movies shown in their theaters.

Design Challenge
Record keeping for movie contracts was extremely antiquated. Microsoft Excel, and even hand-written notes created by cinema staff, seemed to be the standard for creating and editing film contracts with movie studios. Editing movie contracts terms, balancing financials and monitoring contracts over time was not efficient.
Design Solution
I worked closely with stakeholders using Lean and Kanban methods to design a desktop application that made the film contract process completely digital and bespoke. Based on input and requirements from actual staff members, I designed a digital product solution that aligns all aspects of the movie contract process, allowing users to easily create, edit, share and and monitor those financial records.
Users can view financial records based on a number of filters, allowing them to customize they way they view relevant information.
Sorting by whether movies are playing or not allows users to not only view current movie contracts, but also forecast contract terms and/or adjust movie terms for movies that may not be performing well.
A cinema cannot play a movie in its theaters if a movie contract hasn't been created. The screen above shows the information structure and style for when this occurs.
The information structure above displays the movie contract terms over the first four weeks of a movie actively playing in theaters, and allows the users to edit and/or settle the contract with the movie studio.


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