Arclight Cinemas:


In tandem with the brand overhaul for the cinema chain, I was tasked to conceptualize a new website design, as well as investigate the current ticket purchasing process compared to the company's main competitors.

Design Challenge
The Arclight Theaters website was very outdated, non-responsive and off brand. A third party online ticket purchasing company was used to purchase movie tickets more than the company's website itself. The goal was to propose an overall redesign that would be more appealing to visitors to the site, and include a cohesive and easy to use ticket buying process.
UX Approach
Using the existing content, I created a sitemap to display to stakeholders which items should more more easily accessible.
Ticket Buying Process
Based on competitive analysis, I created a ticket purchasing flow for the cinema (above) and its top two competitors. The flow illustrates POS best practices and attempts to solve some of the ticket purchasing flaws I found with competitor sites.
Rough low-res wireframes for the (1) landing page, (2) movie synopsis and schedule, and (3) an alternate landing page for promoting one film within a responsive framework.
Redesigned landing page
Ticket selection
Payment Option

A redesigned payment UI displays user information in a cleaner and more concise way. The information on the right is a summation of where the user is in the ticket buying process.


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