Arclight Cinemas:


The cinema chain needed a digital product solution that would assist staff members assigned with managing the upkeep of the individual movie theaters within the cinema. With some cinemas having up to 16 theaters, there was no integrated POS system that not only allowed assigned staff to conduct transactions with customers onsite (tickets, refunds, seat changes, etc.), but to also manage everyday tasks like theater cleaning and seat maintenance, among others.

Design Challenge
I was tasked with creating an all-in-one mobile app that would create a better customer experience by providing information to the user that was previously unavailable in the palm of the hand. A significant number of customer complaints occurred because there was no digital tool to monitor whether a seat was broken, or whether a theater had been cleaned properly, for example. Sometimes staff would find out about issues like these from the customers themselves. And, even with this info, there was no efficient way to create records to manage the situations that were being complained about.
Design Solution
The final UI requires users to login, and displays all relevant movie information (movie name, IMDb bio, start time, end time, movie length, movie rating, movie attributes (XD, Q&A, etc.), theater capacity and individual seat status). The mobile app also allows the user to scan pre-purchased tickets, refund tickets, reserve theaters, and/or change seats for customers. Screens were created from the design system, and applied to various digital products, allowing familiarity of brand across those products and their respective devices (tablet, kiosk, phone, desktop, POS, concessions stands, etc.)
Screen displays above illustrate how the content "drills down" as relevant information is displayed. The first screen above displays starting times, while the second screen shows how seating and cleaning status can be designated and monitored via a fly-out menu. The third screen displays a responsive notification to the user (in orange) for any moviegoers with special needs or requirement, as well as a fly-out menu for editing an individual ticket that has been purchased and scanned.


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